Cash advance Personal loans Alma Mich Discloses The Listing Connected with A The majority of Secured Immediate Loan merchants

• Okuroz ‘Ramiz Alia D London, AA OGU is the leader of Albania, which is outside the changes in Europe Alia, Eastern Europe

Castro is in the belief that he has the power to fight all the strengths he has faced ‘Socialism’ MEXIC0 CITY, AA iba leader Fidel Castro, “Nothing will deflect us from socialism” said.Remi agency pren

Jordan Wide Sharia in Broad £ 19 Muslim Brothers Deputy, Government Government Government Government External News Service FW VI RDÜN Parliament Extremely religion to the Muslim Brotherhood Group Vere

141 Soldiers from Panama, 19 Diplomate Countries in Nicaragua Koriz the status of General Manuel Noriega in 19 Diplomat countries. The military organized by Panama CITY, Managua, AP Reuter BD organized to Panama

Anyone in Israeli administration has been suspended in indirect contact with PCO IF I Ima I Prime Minister of Istanbul and Prime Minister Deputy Monx Peres According to the reconciliation, Minister of Science Vveizmann

D.Aman Administrators Promised Shame Wall Demolder Havel, D.Aman At the press conference he organized after the interview with the conference, said the wall separating two Germany will soon demolish

W Contracting Pregnant Preliminary Presentation of our Participation will be held separately for the following jobs will be made for the following jobs .1) TPAO Batman Facilities distribute new electricity

Filology graduate studies to study English and German at Ankara University.Bay: A.Ü.Tömer Medical Faculty Morphology Building High Specicity Hospital adjunct Sanhiye-Ankara

Between January 10 / January 13, 1990, the Netherlands Build Industrialists are coming to Istanbul; sanitary installation, hardware, various business-load and crawler business maclns, carding-port-luna counselors, high

Freighting of the underground cables will be trailed) 1-Istanbul Provincial Management Department of Esenler coordinators In the region of the Underground cables in the region Tray)

In the last 20 days 70 people died Lebanese blood lake 4fe The number of injured people in severe conflicts in Syria’s support in Syria’s support in the south of the country in the south of the country has increased to 255

Old Prisoner New President, prisoners first recalled in the prisoners.Af the foreign news service ‘AF Foreign News Service uma day is the President of the President of Czech and anti-regime Vaclav Havel, the country

“Change winds” in A’-1 Vrupa has influenced all “socialist” communist countries in the “socialist”: one of the excludes of 1, this country, which is unable to enter the interchange or reform, it seems to be Albania, Soviets Birl

The change in customs Regulation on the Application of the Change in Customs Regulation has been changed in the customs Regulation on the implementation of the Law, the amount of goods has been reduced to 6 months from two years. The importers are importers

Export Processes V Simplified with the change in HRacat Regulation, the list of goods, which are subject to the permission of the goods, which are subject to the corresponding authories in this list not mentioned products, “Saying Li

The most excellent American toy of the year was given the most excellent toy of 1989 in BD, “Sportscope” produced by Carolina Pacific “.” Sportscope “is a Periscop.Fi, which is manufactured from plastic

New Economic Measures in Yugoslavia in Ugoslavia The first economic implementation of the new year in Ugoslavia has been implementing a new currency of the convertible of 10 thousand 1 dineas.

Office wheat 2.5 Lira Lam T’-1 Oprast Crops Office TMO) General Directorate, 1 Grain Sales prices in kilograms 2.

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