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What is in Putin’s goal in ruling in Russia for over 15 years? When the USSR is destroyed, the colored revolutions in the near strangers, the Arab Spring, Ukrainian conflict and the role in the Syrian crisis when trying to hide the fragility of Russia. How are these influencing your power? How real relations with the West? As a result Putin really is what i

I love reading Simenon. It reminds me of the Chehov. WILLIAM FAULKNER was polluted from the largest masters of the policeman, the 1948 dirt of Georges Simenon was polluted in the 19th century literature, During the 19th World War, the 19-year-old Frank Friedmaier, which is working in France, the occupied France, occupied, Consuit painted his loneliness and internal world. Frank is a cold-blooded teenager with his mother in the brothel. A d throughout the winter, such as gloomy and infinitely

I close my eyes and turn on. And you did not. Where are you now? Two mothers facing the biggest fears … truth will either shatter or free them. Carrie’s five-year-old son Charlie disappears on a summer day they went to the seashore. The efforts of police and search teams remain inconclusive, there is no trace from Charlie. Carrie who cannot find a way to skip this pain, does not agree that his son is dead and the existing island to find her in the knee but in the quest

This mysterious golden bird was exciting at sunrise what the wing was flapping the wing, there was no doubt that it has forgotten a bird. But it was also wrong to think that he doesn’t fly. While other birds fly in the sky, he opened the phoenix shining the phoenix from the bottom of the phoenix and was flying in time forever. Time was hitting his wings. Struck on their wings and floated back. Since he was stuttering, the Mizogucian that attracts the loneliness during his life is entrusted to the golden temple after his father’s death. Temple

In a very hot summer day, the cars are broken in the bird that does not fly in the bird, the Joy and his family began to call a place to night. They take their suitcases on their hands and set off. After a short time, they found a bizarre holiday place called ‘Christmas’ every day every day. This place of a small family was celebrated Christmas and New Year every day. Joy was not looking very sensible to celebrate Christmas in the middle of August with August, but after some time they grabbed themselves in the stream of adventure

Twenty-four hours from a woman’s life is one of the short stories of Stefan Zweig in 1927. The narrator of the story has stayed in one of Riviera’s small lodges near Monte Carlo. One of the guests with a half-grown daughter father, the wife was a young man. This event that does not receive a fit is strongly condemned by the hostels in the hostel. The Scottish Mrs C. took part in the discussion on this discussion, the narrator he felt close to him, the unusual, unusual, unforgettable

The impossible happens and the World Chess Champion Mirko Czentovic is defeated against foreigners who have not been handed at any chessboard for twenty-twenty-five years.

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