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İsmail Güzsoy’s novels, characters are like festival. In addition to the principal heroes, the auxiliary heroes that feed the story are also explained by a highly colored style and some time they have stories that lead to the main story.

The main hero of the novel is the person I stated as “narrator” in this post. The name of the narrator is not disconcerted open throughout the novel. Only, as soon as it is hit by the gas firecrackers of the narrator, a dialogue is collected around before it is collected around:

Here the name of the theotokos out of the narrator’s mouth is not repetitive again. This is the name of the narrator or is part of the Cabucard, which started with the “break of the medieval …” at the beginning of the dialogue. Therefore, we can continue assuming that the principal hero is not given.

Narrator – Although he was not sure about the correct fact – his mother has witnessed the kill by his father. Throughout his life, his mother’s tale of the MIRMIRI he left the half. The Mary he tries to find after a disappearance, creates other life purpose.

The narrator is not Efendi’s grandson and the fairy tale of his mother has left the bridge between the grandfather and his grandfather.

The Mary is the other from the two juveniles of the novel. In the case of Mary, the lies are involved in each other. By departing by the Meryem, we cannot understand how much of his life is the real how much of the real.

“(…) I understood with time, the main reason for my anger was: When people are lying, they had a unhappy belief that they expressed the truth. In other words, it could be used to deceive the truth, or at work, there was no idea that the lie can expose a dishonesty. Not to lie for them was enough to be honest. A child knows this is not the case. The game plays … For example, a cloth baby is both real and lying. If you imagine that it is real, but when the game is finished, you’ll laugh at you when the ‘look at the baby’s sleeping,’ sleep. It comes ridiculous to you this is now because the game is over. The actual bracket has closed, do you understand? ” (p.40 – 41)

Mary can hear some trees. Through their, they listen to the stories of people presented their body as food on the trees. It becomes all of the trees by becoming a kind of trans and may remain in nature as an integral part of it.

At this point, the Mary was passed with a tree with a tree in the soil where the mother and his son had killed? All we have studied is the story of this trance in which the Meryem entered? ” we can ask.

Another character in the novel is elif that appears to be a short time, and the 2nd trip to the trip. We recognize his father through Elif and learn a part of his story.

Elif is one of two hundred eighty three people killed in the 2nd trip riot. From this point of view, it can be read more detail in the “Conscience” section of the article, it can be read as a representative of children in the Government class.

Life is also one of the important characters in the novel. In the above “probabilities” section, I have been touching Life’s narrator’s life. It

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