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As to the objects that derive the names; They are named by the name of an existing meaning in themselves, but in addition to the meaning of the meaning as well as their names different from the name of this meaning from the name of this meaning. It is like derogation from the named name and to derive facihi from the name of the pedestrian. Some of the meanings shown in words are the singular meaning of singular words such as “human” and “at”. A portion of these is the compound of compound words such as “human alive” and “horse runs”.

Second Chapter (Aristoteles) said: Some of the existing ones are loaded on a subject and is not found in one issue. So, they introduce the protection and essence of all the things they are loaded and does not introduce anything except the point of the subject. This is the overall technos like “live” and “human”. Because when these two are loaded on something, it introduces not something out of the way and the victims of this thing. Some of the existing ones are also found on something that is not part of the subject. It is impossible to exist without the subject and definitely ma-

It is not installed on a subject through Hurt. This is the individual cling as in the examples of the following blackness “and” pointed at the following whiteness “samples that have been pointed in (Musharuy ileyh-concrete, specific). Because each color is found in a section. Some of the existing ones are also loaded and found on a matter. So it is loaded into two things and introduces the nature of one of the two things; However, it is not part of the proceed to be part of the proceed and introduces its nature, but do not introduce the nature of the other. This is the overall İlinek; Just as if we are to do the information to sate and write to writing. Because we say that writing is an information and knowledge is in the yokis. When we are uploading the information to writing, it introduces the monument to writing. Because the information is, “What is the writing?” It is in a format that will be appropriate to be told in the answer to the question. When the information is delegated, it is called “Nefs Bilgi”, something is introduced to something outside the heart. Some of the existing ones are never installed with an install to introduce the point and it is not installed on a topic and is not available on a subject so that it is not to introduce something out of his audience. This is the individual technology that is pointed to him, just like Zeyd and AMR. Because individual öz is not introducing the point of the subject, nor in an ingenious manner that does not introduce it according to the natural flow. Briefly whether it is the general whether it is to be an individual, is what is never found in an issue. Whether it is briefly or the general whether it is individual, is what is found on something. Briefly, whether to be a brief general (Tumel), is the thing that is said about a subject (uploaded to a subject). Briefly, the individual (person) is the individual (person), which is not told about a subject (not to a matter) thing.

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