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Decedents and the Asynchief Cenab-I right

Vefat Family’s Valued Assets Türkân Besi and Sedat Fate.

Our bitter loss of our foundation of our foundation of our foundation and our board of directors since our board of directors, dear ataman is the deep sorrow of losing our elite older brother.

Vefat Merhume Navldan Prefoy and the Son of the Son Thin Tuser, Merukme Nebahat Güzey, Günseli-Kamll Ofülü, Right-Beria Dalay, Güner-Turgut Serti, Aysel-Nejat Özsoy, Smiles – Rusuhi Tarman, Alus, Alus,

The Vefat and Condolence Consignment of the Board of Directors Member of the Board of Directors, the valuable wife of SHAKETTLN Sahin has been the mercy of the right of the chawk.

Announcement Dinar Sagh Penal Judge Judge Judge Judge Writing Plaintiff Crime 1988/587 1989/152 Nurcan Husbands 27093 Saime Hosts 189 K Fit Statutes To Be Overruding Crime Date: 9.5.1988 Defendant

Turks Case Bombardment D Sema Emiroğlu Ankara Roof Block Country in Human Rights and Freedoms in Human Rights and Freedoms, while Greece is the leading Western Thrace Turkish minority

Ağll oidl is transformed into mosques or churches in northern Cyprus, or that their case dropped, or stating that magazine Der Splegel used as a barn, Turkey and the TRNC flag on the Find

Greece 2 devote our intervention ATHENS, Foreign Minister Andonis Samaras A UNANİS, Lo-IL Izan Treaty of related substances that minorities remained loyal to the Ati-II Inam, whereas Turkey this deal

The Averof died of the new Democracy Party is the honorary President of the New Democracy Party Averof, was taken to the hospital during the christmas holiday at the hospital by the heart failure Averof, 1950 1963 years of Ar

My dear sister Meral Kunter’s sudden brain surgery, strong psychological approach LAN and superior surgical information as soon as possible with the Ba yellow.

MMM thanks my wife Nurten’s valued doctors of Haseki Hospital Surgical Cylest of Haseki Hospital with a successful surgery OP.DR.UZİR TUNCER Dr.Sinan Beyhan and Dr.Canan Gürsel with us every species

Notice from Marmara University Rectorate of the University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Medicine Below are the relevant maid of the statements no 2547

Printing in Kırcahali is growing in Bulgaria management, the decision on the return of Turkish rights.

“Europe, Turkey has forgotten again” BRUSSELS, subject to European merger 990’l beginning of the year coming up, Turkey has once again outside the French President Francois Mitterrand to bırakıldı.

Back in the side ıı.sayfa tion, “in October, 7.6 ° 7o”, Icelandic geliyorîzlanda’nın 73.3’tür.türkiye’ years after that, October 2 ° 7o, while the annual 21.1’dir.oecd countries that, as of October 0.6, he is annually

Kuthi-information obtained during the visit made last month in the delegation to Turkey for the blind enough Winding triple delegation from the European Commission of Human Rights, came to Turkey today, witnessed

Right to Turan to Turiz ELGaristan İstanbul Consulate of Ulgaristan İstanbul Consulate in Istanbul Consular. Bulgaria’s Consul General of Istanbul Slavov, in the press conference held yesterday, “Turkish speaking

Norway contribution to Turkish chemical industry! T oz painting world-famous Norwegian organization Corro-Coat A.

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