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The 4th United Nations of the United Nations in Istanbul on 9-13 May 2011 were introduced to the Expo 2020 candidacy with the Stad opened by the Izmir Development Agency in the Minimum Developed Countries Conference Trade Fair. The majority of the BIE member is distributed to the participants of the “cause expo 2020 İzmir” on the stand in the Stand in the Standa, which collects the likes of the delegates of the delegates of about 50 participants, and the brochures on the participants were distributed to the participants.

On July 4, 2011, the Council of Europe in Izmir, the Municipal Committee of the Council of Europe and Regional Governments in the Congress Monitoring Committee, the Mayor, Municipal President, the Municipal Assembly Member, the Regional Assembly President and the members of the Municipal Assembly, are opened to the Expo 2020 Izmir Presentation Stand. In English, French and Turkish languages, Gözka promotional leaflets were distributed. During the congress, the Expo 2020 Izmir promotional film was shown by the Standa iska and respondents were answered.

At 25-27 October 2011, the 1st International Participation Meeting in Milan and Como of Italy was held as an organization that gives participants the opportunity to contribute to the development of Expo 2015 Milan. Over 700 participants of 90 countries participated in the meeting.

Between 8-18 September 2011, Izmir International Fair on the 80th Time took place in the Izmir International Fair, an Expo stand in the Gözka stand. In other words, Izmir’s candidacy was introduced to the EXPO, which is one of the oldest and largest international activities in the Stand In International Events, is one of the world’s oldest and largest international activities, in other words, “Earth Exhibition” is to crown by hosting in 2020. The interests of Izmir captured the opportunity to provide promotional materials on Expo 2020 nomination and to have knowledge about the subject.

In addition to the official participants (countries and international organizations), Expo 2015 Milan meeting invitation was expanded and international regions and Italian institutions including civil society associations, international regions and Italian institutions were included in the meeting. Participation in the meeting was achieved by both İzmir’s Expo 2020 candidates and information about the work of Milan.

4. World Health Tourism Congress and Fair on 25-28 October 2011, the United States of the United States was held in Schaumburg City 4. World Health Tourism Congress and Fair. İzmir has participated in 18 m2 stand to the event. Through the drop-down stand and contacts, Izmir’s Expo 2020 candidates and health tourism facilities were introduced effectively. In this event, one of the world’s largest in health tourism, Izmir delegation was included with ten people. In the Congress section of the event, different sizes of health tourism were discussed with presentations and conversations by private sector and public representatives from different parts of the world. In the fair section, the city / regional / countries have introduced themselves as a health tourism destination and the firms operating in the health sector have made the services they offer.

Elazığ Presentation Days were introduced to the participants of İzmir’s nomination via EXPO 2020 stand opened in Izmir in Izmir on 1-4 December 2011.

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