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A. Confidential “,” Wild River “), who gave a new twist to his filmography with this atypical comedy full of literary references, psychological reflections, frustrated creatives and crossed loves. Screenwriter Steven Kloves, who adapted Michael Chabon’s novel, was nominated for an Oscar for his work. The title role is played by Michael Douglas, who had to gain 10 kilos for this role. He is accompanied by Tobey Maguire (who confirms his talent for tragicomedy after appearing in “The House Rules Cider “), and Frances McDormand (winner of the Oscar for best actress for” Fargo “). Bob Dylan, author of the main song of the soundtrack (” Things Have Changed “), won the Oscar for best original song . C + Comedy HD (VM SUB) L02 03:55 C + DCine HD (VM SUB) M10 06:12 C + Comedy (VM SUB) L02 03:55 C + DCine (VM SUB) M10 06:12

Juan Nadie (Meet John Doe) Film / Drama 122 min. 1940 USA D: Frank Capra I: Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward Arnold, Gene Lockhart and Walter Brennan D.B. Norton (Edward Arnold), financier and oil king, takes over a newspaper, firing much of the newsroom. One of its members, the brilliant journalist Ann Mitchell (Barbara Stanwyck), writes a farewell article that he signs as Juan Nadie, in which he threatens to jump off the City Hall tower in protest of the injustice committed. The article causes a sensation and everyone wants to meet the alleged suicide. Ann needs to give a face to her character and looks for a guy who fits the characteristics of her Juan Nobody, a gray and a half American, the typical representative of the silent majority. So she finds Long John Willoughby (Gary Cooper), a former baseball player who thinks she can fit in as the man in question. Chosen to represent the average American, he is forced to fight alone against the all-powerful financial sharks, fighting social injustices, taking on bankers and politicians. When he realizes that he has been a puppet in his hands, Long John threatens to carry out the suicide threat on which the entire campaign was based. TCM (VM SUB) J26 08:30

Juana la Loca (Juana la Loca) Film / Drama 113 min. 2001 Spain, Italy, Portugal D .: Vicente Aranda I .: Susi Sánchez, Rosana Pastor, Giuliano Gemma, Roberto Álvarez, Eloy Azorín, Pilar López de Ayala and Daniele Liotti Laredo, August 22, 1496.